How to Claim Your Listing on The EQ List of Tryon

Is your business already listed on The EQ List online equestrian directory? Here's how to claim it, update your listing, and get a "verified" badge so you can start to reach equestrians in the Tryon, NC area.
how to find your business listing
Search for Your Business On the Home Page

New listings are being added to The EQ List Online Equestrian Directory of Tryon every day by our team as we search for the best equestrian-friendly businesses in the area. If your business is already listed, claiming your listing will allow you to add extra information and photos to your listing, add a “verified” badge, and get your listing featured more prominently so you appear first in search results.

It’s easy, and it’s free, so let’s get started! Here’s what you need to know.

Search the Online Equestrian Directory for Your Business

Just enter your business name in any of the search boxes on the home page. You will be directed to the main listings page where you can also search by category.

Once on the main listings page, you should see your equestrian business listing appear in the search results. If it’s already been added to The EQ List Online Equestrian Directory of Tryon, that is. If it hasn’t already been added, not to worry. We’ll go into how to add a new listing shortly.

Locate Your Business in the Listing Cards, and Click

Once you’ve found your listing card, just click on it. You’ll be taken to your full equestrian business listing. Notice some missing or incorrect details? You’ll be given the chance to update all of this just as soon as you’ve claimed it, so hang tight! Even if the information is correct and complete, we encourage you to claim it so you can gain the “verified” badge which will allow your business to be featured more prominently.

Claim Your Listing & Create Your Free Account

From your complete listing, locate the “Claim This Listing” button below the business name. You will now be taken to a login screen where you will be able to select a username and create an account. Once your account has been created, you’ll be able to access your Listing Dashboard. Just click “edit” next to the name of the listing you wish to manage.

Edit Your Listing

Once logged in, you’ll be prompted to edit your listing. This is where the fun starts. Add photos, and make sure that all of your business information is correct. We recommend at the very least to check your business name, address, phone number, and website information. And of course your categories. You can select multiple categories, if applicable, but make sure to mark one category as your primary category. This will make it easier for your potential customers to find you when they’re searching for the products or services you provide.

This is What a Verified Listing Looks Like. Notice the Blue Badge.

That’s it! Once your listing has been updated, your claim request might be pending for a time. You’ll know it’s been verified when you receive a green “verified” badge on your listing like the one above. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s our goal to create the most complete online equestrian directory possible for visitors and residents of Tryon, Mill Spring, and the surrounding areas.

How to Add a Listing to the Online Equestrian Directory

If your business isn’t already on The EQ List Online Equestrian Directory of Tryon, no worries. Just add one by clicking the “Add a Listing” button at the top of this page. You’ll be asked to create an account when you do. Don’t worry, it’s all free, and you’ll be able to log back in and update your listing from your Listing Dashboard any time.


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