How to Get the Most from Your Business Listing

The EQ List already features hundreds of Tryon area equestrian business listings. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd with these tips for a fully optimized listings.
farriers in tryon nc
Stand out from the crowd with a fully optimized listing

1. Claim and Verify Your Business Listing

The EQ List Equestrian Directory of Tryon, NC was created for the business and equestrian community, and the community has also helped to build it. That means that not every business listing on the directory was added by the business owner. Before submitting a new business listing to The EQ List, search our database of hundreds of listings that have already been created. If yours is already on the list, you’ll want to be sure to claim the listing, and make sure that it’s as complete as it can be.

2. Double Check Your NAP+W

Say what? NAP+W is internet speak for name, address, phone number + website. Those details are what drive an online business directory, and The EQ List is no different. If your business has a physical address, make sure to include it so searchers can view your business on the map and search by proximity. You’ll also want to make sure that your business name is complete and spelled correctly. Your phone number and website address are also extremely important as potential customers will use that information to contact you, so be sure to include those too.

Note: We don’t recommend including your email address in your listing because it could make you prone to receiving spam emails. Instead, when you claim your listing or add your business listing, make sure you create your account using your business email, or an email address that you use regularly. We’ll be adding a feature very soon that will make it possible for visitors to send you a message right from your listing. This will keep your information safe, while making it even easier for potential customers to reach you.

3. Use All the Extras

Your listing on The EQ List Online Directory of Tryon has the ability to rank in Google search results. If you want your business to show up when someone searches for, say “Shops in Tryon, NC” then you’ll want to be sure to completely fill out as many fields as possible on your listing. Write a unique description of your business, around 300 words or so is best, and definitely add some great photos to make your listing more engaging! We’re adding new features all the time. Soon, you’ll be able to add extra links to social media profiles, create promotions, offer coupons, and promote events right from your listing’s dashboard. Make sure your business is using all of the features available.

The EQ List is the only online business directory just for the Tryon, NC area, and we already have hundreds of businesses and users. Using the extra features and making sure to fill as many of the fields as possible will boost your listing’s visibility on The EQ List itself, as well as in search results.

4. Choose Your Categories Wisely (and Pick a Primary!)

The EQ List features over 80 unique categories of equestrian businesses and equestrian-friendly businesses. When choosing a category, it’s all about quality over quantity. Make sure that if you choose, for example, “Full Service Boarding” as a category, that you also choose the more general “Boarding & Training” option. You’ll also want to be sure to choose the one category that best represents your business as your primary category. Choosing your categories wisely will help would-be customers find you, and increase your business’ exposure.

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